Powered by Avocados

We use ripe, creamy Hass Avocados to make Kumana - yes, the whole fruit - not just avocado oil. 

You want to add flavor, not sugar, right?

Avocado Sauce v Ketchup

...and you want to add creaminess, not calories, right?  

Avo Sauce Mayo Comparison

What about taste?

Kumana is a great sub for mayo as a sandwich spread or in a chicken, egg or tuna salad. It's also a great sub for ketchup in burgers, eggs and hot dogs. We offer three flavors, with our mildest being our Original and Spicy Mango. Want something to sub out a Spicy Mayo or Ketchup? Opt for our Hot.

Why go with an Avocado Sauce instead? 

Avocados deliver a naturally creamy alternative that adds the same texture as Mayo and more flavor than Ketchup in your favorite meals.

Vegetables, fruits, and herbs do wonders, don't they? Great Ingredients, Great Taste.  

Let's talk a bit more about Mayo - How do they make it?

Mayonnaise is an emulsion, which is a mixture of two liquids that usually can't be combined. Combining oil and water is a classic example. Emulsifying is done by slowly adding one ingredient to another while simultaneously mixing rapidly. It takes 80 million eggs a year to make commercial mayonnaise. Let's cut back on that.  

Why do they emulsify it?

Well, aside from the consistency, it's for the texture. Since Mayo's ingredients are naturally very liquid, they need to emulsify it to give it a thicker consistency. You probably don't want to lather oily eggs onto your food. But you're doing it. 

That sounds processed, right?

You bet.  

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